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The elephant in the room

Photo of an elephant against a white background

In this case the elephant in the room is noise pollution within the office. Noise is the number one complaint in an office according to surveys and can be one of the leading causes of stress. Have you ever felt that sometimes the working environment can be so loud that you can bearly even think? Below are the different types of noises that exist:

These noises for the most part cannot be helped as activities in the office do tend to make noise. There are ways however that you can reduce the noise levels.

Screen Pods – These are effectively rooms inside rooms. They are made using acoustic screens and help keep meetings quiet occassions.

Acoustic Screens – These are freestanding or desktop screens that absorb and prevent reflections of sound waves around the office

BuzziSpace – We have a range of acoustically treated products available in this section. They range from wall panels, meeting and phone booths to even lamp shades, so it is worth taking a look!