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Slatwall Floor-to-Ceiling Privacy Wall

Slatwall Floor-to-Ceiling Privacy Wall

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Slatwall Floor-to-Ceiling Privacy Wall

Slatwall Floor-to-Ceiling Privacy Wall


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Product information

Introducing the fantastic and highly relevant (within today's modern world) "Slatwall"; a bespoke floor-to-ceiling solution intended for creating and increasing privacy within home and working offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas, and basically any other area you wish to cordone off or infuse with some morale/productivity increasing privacy, or extra seclusion for matters of a sensitive nature.

The system is comprised of two horizontal, supportive, MFC runners that are connected and installed onto both the ceiling and the floor, each allowing for the vertical housing of the individual MFC slats between the two. This provides you with the segregation and cordoned off space you require. This setup then remains static, offering you privacy, seclusion, and a visually appealing addition to the location.

The Slatwall is a visually unique piece of equipment, perfectly capable of shaping, matching, or contrasting with or against your existing location's current aesthetics. If, however, the shape and style alone aren't enough, we've given you 14 wood and colour finish choices with which to choose from. These range from solid block colours such as White and Black, to stylish wooden finishes like Comina Ash, Walnut, and Atelier Concrete. 

As with every person, office layouts are unique places, and seldom a carbon copy of another and because of this, we will need to organise a site-survey in order to acquire the exact dimensions and internal details needed to be able to put together the very best and most accurate pricing for you. This will alleviate adding any extra costs and allows us and our manufacturer to ascertain exactly what is needed and possible within the space you have. The Floor-to-Ceiling version of the Slatwall can support up to a maximum height of 2700mm. For rooms taller than this, our "Extended Slatwall" incorporates metal support bars to provide extra stability and a well-fitted foundation. They can be found here.

Once your Slatwall is in place, you can rest easy knowing that each one comes with a 3-year factory warranty as standard, protecting you against defective workmanship and hopefully offering you some fantastic peace of mind.

  • Bespoke floor-to-ceiling solution for adding and increasing privacy within offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas and other locations
  • Priced on application – Bespoke service based on your location’s dimensions and space availability
  • Grants areas with privacy and seclusion – Providing an area of reflection or for sensitive-natured conversations and work
  • Full MFC build – Runners and slats are strong and resilient
  • 14 wood finishes available – Greatly helping you customise its visual appeal
  • 3-year factory warranty as standard – Providing you with some excellent peace of mind

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Bespoke - Location and area specific - Please call for a pricing


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