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Office Furniture St Austell

We supply quality office and cafe furniture with free delivery to St Austell A wide range of products available including office desks and meeting room tables and Cafe furniture including Cafe tables and aluminium chairs, all with free delivery to St Austell. Contact us today for more information

St Austell is the largest town in Cornwall, larger even than the county of Truro. St Austell tiwn centre recently underwent a £75 million redevelopment process. The redevelopment attracted heavy oposition from its outset. St Austell's economy used to revolve around the china clay industry however today the industry only employs just over 2000 people, a mere fraction of the workforce in the early 20th century, however the industry still achieves a higher annual output than ever before. The towns economy is supported by it town centre shops and supporting businesses. 

As in much of Cornwall and neighbouring counties, tourisim is increasingly important to St Austell's economy. Tourists are drawn to the area by nearby beaches and attractions. 

Living and working in a remote community all be it one as big as St Austell can at times be frustrating, with many retailers levying additional delivery charges and extened lead times, Online reality is different, we are proud to be able to offer all of our products with free delivery and for those who need things even quicker we also offer a huge range of office and cafe furniture with free next day delivery. Contact our expert team today for more information and to place your order. 

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