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Not grey storage

Research suggests that untidy offices can have a direct impact on a companies profits, causing them to lose both staff and potential business. 

An article recently published in the Telegraph, claims that top executives in a company can waste in the region of 6 weeks per year trying to find papers and files. It is not just the executives that are to blame however, but office workers who leave their office desk full of clutter run the risk of losing potential clients as it leaves a bad impression when a potential customer enters the office.

A study undertaken, shows us that by simply tidying your belongings and reorganising your office desk and organising your office furniture more efficiently, for example making sure you have filed everything away in the appropriate office storage areas such as filing cabinets and tambour cupboards, it can increase productivity levels by up to 30%. Not only this but but research has also shown that this can also decrease the stress levels amongst office workers. A study that was conducted by the National Association of Professional Organisers said that 91% of workers felt that if their office was organised better, then they would be more efficient.

But when thinking about storage it doesn’t have to be just boring old grey filling cabinets or tambour cupboards, there is such a wide range of storage now available that many people are unaware of or simply think will be too expensive, but that is simply not the case, in fact in many situations using an alternative to filling cabinets or tambour cupboards can actually save you money. See below storage ideas to show the sort of things that can be achieved. Contact us for more details or order online. 

Wall Storage – Highly customisable with almost unlimited internal configurations and layouts. 

Filling Cabinets and Tambour cupboards in more than just grey. 

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Bookcases with a difference.

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