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Operator Office Chairs

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The UK’s largest selction of operator office chairs, task chairs and computer chairs, a comprehensive range of office chairs including fabric, leather and mesh operator chairs.

Over 9 million working days are lost each year due to back problems, the majority of these cases have orginated from the work enviroment namely using a poor quality operator or computer chair. Getting the right operator chair really can be the difference between a health and focused work force and a high sickness rate. Research shows that sitting in the wrong position for long periods of time not only puts pressure on the back but also can reduce the flow of air into the body causing tirdeness and loss of concentration.

So which operator chair is the right chair? when choosing the correct operator chair there are many factors to take into account namely style, cost and availability, our comprehensive range of operator chairs takes into account all budgets and wide selection of styles, we offer many chairs with upto 1000 different fabric colours and finishes. All of our office chairs have been selected for there quality, value for money and ergonomics we also have a wide range of operator chairs available with Free Next day delivery so you can start getting the benefit from your new chair even quicker.

Below is some of the jargon you will see associated with operator office chairs and what it all means,

Mesh back- Mesh back operator and computer chairs have been developed to increase the circulation of air around the body, preventing the user from overheating, the mesh comes in a variety of materials and colours which can be used to create dramatic two tone effects.

Lumbar support- also known as pump up lumbar support or inflatable lumbar support, is a support built into the chair specifically to support the lumbar area of the back. Lumbar supports work in various ways the most popular being the inflatable lumbar support, whereby a bladder is manufactured into the back of the chair which can then be inflated by means of a hand pump or button to achieve the desired ammount of support.

Height adjustable arms- in order to get the correct seating position you need to be able to adjust your operator chairs arms, height adjustable arms are simply arms that can be raised or lowered.

Multifunction arms- similar to height adjustable arms except multifunction arms allow the arns to be adjusted for width and for the arm pad to be adjusted.

Synchro mechanism- is a mechanism that allows the operator chairs user to recline the chair at a 2:1 ratio, meaning the back of the chair will recline under tension and the seat of the operator chair will follow at a ratio of 2:1, this movement ensures the users back is kept in an ergonomic position and is not strained by the reclining movement.

seat tilt- this function allows the whole seat to tilt on the mechanism so that the user can get closer to the screen and closer to the screen, this function is particuarly usefull for shorter users.