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Zen Reception Desks

These stand alone reception desks have an interesting design and are compact so that they can fit into even the smallest of reception areas. Constructed from high quality materials, these are slim counters made from three rectangular blocks in high pressure laminate and can be used in public service areas as well as offices and showrooms.

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These desks have a unique design that consists of three elements to the reception counter, that are off set to which give an asymmetric unit that features LED down lighting to provide an amazing spectrum of shaded effects at the front of the reception unit. Finished in a White pastel colour, these receptions feature a brushed Aluminium kick plate that completes the unit and gives the desk its aesthetic appeal.

Receptions are one of the most important rooms in any office. The reason is that the reception can act as an advertisement of your company to any new visitor. The area should look smart and professional so that potential clients can see that that is ow you operate as a business. Getting the reception area right is one step to take to a more successful business.

It is important to try and create the right first impression as these can often be the deciding factor as to whether a potential client will choose to work with you or not. Unfortunately you can not get this impression back if you have created a bad one and research suggests that a visitor to an office will already begin to make assumptions about your company as soon as they enter the reception area.

Having established that in order to create a professional, smart and efficient reception area, you must firstly make sure that you get the right colour scheme. Start with looking at your company colours and try to work out how you can encorporate them into your colour scheme and decor in the reception. In doing this you will help to create a reception area that has some identity with the company.

The next thing that you want to think about is the furniture. Making use of tub chairs and sofas, whether they be stand alone or unit sofas can create a comfortable area that a visitor might actually want to sit in. Leather is always a good choice for sofas in commercial environments, however there is a wide range of fabric sofas and reception chairs that will give some vibrancy to the seated area as well as work well with the decor.

You can buy from us with confidence as we offer a completely FREE no obligation 3D visual package that will help you realise your vision for your reception area. All that we need from you are the dimensions of the area, the type, quality and style of reception furniture and we will be able to give you accurate visuals of your reception area before you have even spent a penny. Call now to take advantage of this superb offer on 01823 663880.