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Bono Reception Desks

Striking reception counter that manages to combine a modern design with classic appeal as well. Features include double rail Aluminium strips in the front fascia, optional recessed lighting which helps the highlight the receptions counter front and a counter top that is finished in either a 12mm thick laminate or a glass shelf that is mounted on attractive Chrome plinths.

The reception desk is modular, meaning that any component can be placed together to form an exciting configuration. The range is made up of a number of different sized modules including 800mm-2000mm wide components and curved sections.

Having a good, professional and smart reception area is good for any business as this is where your new visitors and potential clients will make their first impressions as well as begin to form their opinions about your company which could effect whether or not they work with you or not.

A nicely laid out reception plan can help make sure that the reception area functions effiiciently and that the area works well. You want to make sure that you have a comfortable seating area that a customer would gladly sit and wait to be seen.

A good reception environment will also help put you potential client in a more positive frame of mid towards you. If you had a dated reception with worn and perhaps even damage seating, and a frayed reception desk then you are not going to put your visitor in a positive frame of mid and this will quite possibly influence the final decision into whether they will want to go into business with you or not.

When you do decide to fully refurbish your reception area, the first important decision that you should make is the colours that you are going to use. In order to give your reception some form of identity and association with the company, we recommend that you begin looking at your company colours firstly and seeing how you can incorporate these into your reception decor plan.

Next you need to think about the reception furniture. It is important to create a comfortable seated area as you don't want your potential visitors to have to stand around whilst waiting to be seen or for an appointment. You can do this by making use of sofas and tub chairs and the addition of a coffee table can also help enhance the aesthetics of the reception area.

If you are having problems in trying to create your ideal reception area then we are here to help you. We have an expert in house design team that are able to to take your dimensions, opinions on the style of furniture you want and your budget, and then turn these into 3D accurate visuals of how your reception area will look. This service is completely FREE of charge and there are no obligations. Call for more details.