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Coffee Tables

We have a wide range of coffee tables available to you at very affordable prices. Usually delivered from stock and with a speedy delivery that is free of charge across all of our ranges to anywhere within the UK mainland.

Coffee tables are used in various places throughout the world. They can be used in cafes in areas with sofas and lounge chairs, reception areas accompanying modular sofas and tub chairs as well as domestic environments next to a recliner in your lounge. So as we can see a coffee table cannot just be classed as domestic furniture, but it can also be seen as cafe furniture or office furniture as well.

Coffee Tables in wood and glass for any reception area

Coffee tables aren't just used purely for convenience, they have the ability to either add subtle character to the room or on the other end of the spectrum, the more expensive coffee tables can also become a centrepiece to a room.

The reason that coffee tables can become an influential piece to the room is that they can come in such a vast range of shapes and sizes, such standard 4 legged coffee table to more elaborate sculptural shapes designed by an artist that can be thought-provoking and aesthetically stunning. The reason for this is that unlike other pieces of office furniture in a reception, for example, is that you use the tub chairs and sofas to sit on, the reception desk is being used by the receptionist, however, the coffee table rarely gets used. A coffee table is usually only used to hold magazines or cups of tea, so as it is not used as intensely as other pieces of reception furniture, it can afford to lend itself more to artistic design and thus a more interesting shape.

Coffee table can be made using a few different materials, that each gives different characteristics to a room. Glass is one of the most commonly used materials used to create coffee tables. It gives a room a modern look and feel and coupled with a silver frame and surrounded by faux leather soft seating, in some cases,  it can create a professional environment and can fit and blend with most decors.

Wood is another common material used to to manufacture coffee tables. Wood is a versatile material, strong, can be easily shaped and stained into a range of different colours to match the decor of the room. These tables can often be found in more traditional environments.

Listed above are standard materials used to create coffee tables, however, designs for coffee tables have become more and more complex over the years with the inclusions of such accessories including lights that can be built into the coffee table and create a dazzling and eye-catching piece of furniture.