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Offimat Reception Desks

These elegant desks are manufactured in Spain to a high quality and are available for a free UK delivery to any mainland location and are made to order within 3-4 weeks. These are exceptional value for money and are modular so there are many different interesting configurations to be made to suit your reception area. There are 6 different laminate finish options available to you including Oak, Maple and Walnut.

Have you ever wondered why large corporate businesses spend large sums of money in making sure they have an efficient and aesthetically pleasing reception area? The reason for this is that these companies know that potential clients and other visitors nearly always walk through the reception area and in most cases will begin to judge your company based on the look of the reception and the reception furniture. For example, if you have a professional and aesthetically pleasing reception area, the chances are that your visitors will begin to think that you are a professional company.

When refurbishing your reception area, we know that it can be a particularly daunting task. You need to take the refurbishment step by step. The first stage once you have cleared the reception area is to think of the colours that you want to use to decorate the reception. We recommend to look at the colours of your company and try to use them somewhere in the decor to help give the reception area some form of identity and association with the rest of the business. This can also help to subtly push your brand if you have one.

The reception desk is arguably the most important piece of reception furniture as this is where most if not all of the visitors to your office will report to and even though your receptionist should greet them appropriately, having a professional and appealing reception desk whether it be modern or traditional will help give the right first impression.

The reception seating is the next piece of furniture that you want to take careful consideration over. You will want to create a comfortable and relaxing environment that visitors can wait in before they are met. Having a coffee table can also be a bonus in a reception seating area as it provides a place to put magazines and other literature that visitors can read as well as provide an attractive piece to the environment.

If you need any advice or would like to take advantage of our in house design services then call us on 01823 663880. We will provide you with 3D visuals with what your reception area will look like before you have even spent anything!