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Bench System Office Desks

Bench Desks UK 

A comprehensive range of bench systems designed to maximise space and and create a stylish modern look, our range includes storage to match and accessories required to make a complete bench desking system. all systems are suitable for contract use and come with a minimum of 12 months manufacturers warranty and Free delivery to mainland UK.

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These systems have grown in popularity since the advent of flat screen monitors, taking over from radial and comer desk arrangements although these are still very popular in open plan environments. One of the benefits of specifying a bench system is the the desk substructure can be combined, often lengthways and width ways. This not only provides a cost saving but allows the user greater freedom of movement underneath the desks as there are less desk legs in the way. Intermediate legs on runs of bench desks are often recessed to give even greater freedom. Notwithstanding this we also sell these desks as single freestanding units for customers who prefer a more flexible solution that can be easily reconfigured.

Desk screens are a popular addition to a bench system , many of our customers prefer acrylic screens which are designed to let light through while still allowing a degree of privacy. We have recently completed a number of projects where logos or trade marks have been applied to the acrylic desk screens for further customisation.

We support our furniture projects with a full and professional in house design and space planning service,. We respond with 3D rendered visuals to help you visualise you scheme, normally in a matter of days. Please contact our design team to discuss your requirement.