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Outdoor Furniture

The first thing to greet your customers when they arrive at your door is the shop front, and the furniture outside, so it is important to get it right, old and tired looking outdoor furniture will give customers the wrong impression of your premises and could end up going to one of your competitors.

We know that budget is key to many businesses and buying outside furniture might seem like a low priority however research suggests that cafes and bars that have people sitting outside on average take 30% more on any given day than those without outdoor furniture. Another key reason to provide outdoor furniture is due to the smoking law, smokers are now forced outside if the want to smoke, which has created the need to provide smokers an area to use or face losing them to rival businesses, if you can provide an outside area which encourages people to sit and smoke you will almost certainly improve takings.

So what points do you need to consider when buying outdoor furniture? the first point to consider is where is your furniture going to be used? is it at the front of the cafe bar and will need taking in each night or can it be left out? this needs to be taken into account as although our outdoor furniture can be left outside all year round some items are rather heavy and so would be difficult to move in and out each day, where as some of the aluminium tables and chairs are very light and easily moved. So once you have identified where your outdoor furniture will be situated you next need to look at what style of furniture you want , this will depend on the use the furniture will be getting, for instance if you are serving fine dining there is little point in providing your customer with loungers to sit on and eat there dinner, once you have chosen your furniture you next need to make sure that it is actually going to fit, this can be done simply by marking out where each piece of furniture will go, a good way of doing this is to cut pieces of cardboard into the size of the various bits of furniture and place them where you intend to put them. Alternatively you could let us do the hard work for you, our in house design team will take your brief and design a scheme that suits your needs and requirements. For more information contact our team today or browse our outdoor furniture online.