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Tambour Cabinets

Tambour cupboards are a great way of adding a large amount of storage with the need for a large amount of room, tambour cupboards typically provide the same amount of storage as a traditional wooden or metal cupboard however the benefit of using a tambour cupboard is the way the doors open, whereas a traditional cupboard doors open outwards the doors on a tambour cupboard simply slide into a void at either side of the cupboard, this results in less space being required in front of the unit making the tambour cupboard ideal for use in corridors and tight spaces.

Another advantage of the tambour cupboard is again to do with the doors, with a traditional cupboard every time someone needs to access something within the cupboard the doors need to be opened and closed, this only becomes a problem when the cupboards are being used in a high traffic area where there is a constant need to access the items within the cupboard, with a tambour cupboard the doors can be simply left open without causing any problems. 

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