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With the continued on set of longer working hours and flexible working hours it has become even more essential to provide staff with a lockable personal storage area, the traditional metal storage lockers are great but dont fit within the modern office environment. so what better way of providing staff with that much needed personal storage space than with a pedestal, available in either desk height or under desk sizes, the desk height pedestal allows you to not only provide storage space but also provide additional working space by extending the desk top, desk height pedestals are available in either 800mm or 600mm deep versions.

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An increasingly more popular option is the under desk pedestal, these provide almost as much storage space as the larger desk height units but can be positioned anywhere under the desk, the units are also on wheels so they can be easily moved. This type of pedestal has become more and more popular due to need to have open plan offices with lots of people in. For more information on our range of pedestals contact our team today or browse our range online.

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