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With such a wide range of office storage available it can be difficult to know what the best solution for your needs is,  in this brief intro we explore one of the oldest and still most popular storage methods the humble office storage cupboard, everyone is familiar with the storage cupboard in its traditional state, however over time developments have lead to additional products being offered alongside the cupboard that enhances the usability, for instance there is pull out filling frames that allow hanging files to be stored within the cupboard, the filing frame then pulls out like a drawer to allow you the user to access the files, on certain cupboards these pullout filing frames can also be adapted to accept CD's or DVD's.
Another useful addition is the under shelf filing rail, this allows you to hang files under a fixed shelf, this is an ideal way to store files that are not required on a regular basis.  As well as a range of internal fittings that can enhance your storage cupboard there is also a wide range of finishes available including both wood and metal. 

If you are looking to incorporate cupboards in to a new office design or simply need help obtaining the best positioning for your storage cupboards why not take advantage of our free design and space planning service,managed in house by our team of designers and project managers who will take your brief and develop your ideas into a solution that works for you, and also offers the best value for money. For more information contact our team or browse our range of cupboards online.
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