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Kite Folding Confernce Tables

A stark contrast to traditional conference tables, our unique Kite range defies conventional design while still offering the reliable and solid product you would expect.

A considerable amount of work has gone into the design of these folding meeting tables to ensure the ergonomic design is suited to every possible event or occasion, and it really shows.

The right shape for business

The strong isometric shapes are much more than just pleasing to the eye – the tables are specifically designed for use in conference and meeting rooms. With staggered seating, each person at the table has a clear line of sight to the presentation or speaker.

Comfort is of paramount importance to the Kite table system as long meetings can end up feeling more strenuous and be less productive than they might be otherwise.

The tables are designed so each seat at the table never straddles a table leg, and is always sat a defined straight edge with 750mm of personal work space.

Anyone who has ever spent any time crammed elbow to elbow in conference rooms will understand the value of this!

Designed to fit around you

The Kite 750 range is designed in segments; this means they can be placed together in a number of different arrangements depending on the size of your room, audience or the type of meeting you are hosting.

Its dual locking wheels and easy folding mechanism make transporting and storing the tables much easier than conventional conference furniture.

Take advantage of our free design and space planning service for your business today.

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