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Education Seating

Our comprehensive range of education seating covers the complete educational spectrum, from early years and pre-school, to college and university. Our range is specifically designed to cater for each individual demographic and tackle the challenges posed by each.

High quality school furniture

Our early years seating features vibrant and engaging colours that appeal to young children. The seats themselves are ergonomically designed to offer support and comfort whilst promoting good posture. All chairs come in a variety of materials designed to be easy to clean and safe. These materials include fire retardant vinyls and faux leather finishes.

With students facing long exams or extensive time sat down in classes, the importance of good posture has never been so apparent; because of this all our chairs are designed to offer maximum comfort and support.

Education furniture

We understand that seating used in educational environments must stand up to extensive use. This is why all our chairs undergo comprehensive FIRA safety and quality certification checks, as well as our own in-house quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

These procedures are in place to ensure the very best products are being offered to our customers and to give you peace of mind when purchasing any of our products.

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