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Modular Seating

Modular Seating is the best way to make up your own personalised seating area with a wide range of shapes, designs, colours and sizes to choose between to make up a seating area which compliments your interior. Easily combine different modules to create configurations that can be easily moved around educational settings. With these modular seating design in easy wipe-clean upholsteries for low-maintenance, perfect around young children.

With a range of kid-friendly designs to help boost younger children's imagination and encourage role-play whilst making for a pleasantly soft seating experience. A huge benefit of modular sofas is the ability to change the funcitons of individual modules with the ability to convert into a sofa, corner chair or armchair by simply making a few changes. Changing the interior has never been easier, with modular seating you can change how the seating arrangement works at no extra cost and can allow for easy and quick change. Modular seating can easily adapt to any room with the individual furniture being set in such a way to use all free space, with easy assembly for each module to connect to one another.