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In this section we have everything you need to help present your work, display leaflets or present people with information. Notice boards are common place in most businesses, schools, colleges and universities, public buildings and even in private or domestic areas. They are a great way of displaying information as well as helping you organise and keep track of appointments and other day to day events.

In this section we have a wide range of notice boards and white boards to suit the needs of almost everyone. A lot of our notice boards are fire retardant and have been fire tested for use in corridors and classrooms as well as other public buildings. Not only this but we also have tamperproof and lockable notice boards and white boards that are also great for use in the public sector and some can even be used outdoors.

Leaflet holders are a great way to display leaflets that contain information about your company. They are essential in keeping leaflets organised and also mean that you can display more than one at a time. In our range we have holders for desks and table tops, freestanding and revoving leaflet holders and wall mounted leaflet holders so we are sure that you will find something in this section that will suit your needs.