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Standing Desks with Electrical Operation

Sit stand desks with electrical height adjustment. Designed for users who want to sit or stand at the desk at will. Single, dual or trio motors adjust the height of the desk via a simple push button operation to a height of around 1200-1250mm to enable people of almost all heights to sit or stand at their workstation. Many Sit Stand desks also have memory presets so you can set the best heights to work sitting, standing or perching on a stool.

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Sit Stand and standing desks have become very popular inparticular with users who spend a large amount of time at the computer. Varying the height you work at provides a number of health benefits including reducvtion of heart disease, back and neck pain. Studies have also shown that the metalbolic rate is increased, burning calories and reducing weight. 

Also Sit stand desks are great for situations where a desk is shared buy more than one person, allowing eqach person to selct teh height that is most comfortavble for them. Wheelchair users in particular are able to raise the height of the desk to clear the arms of the wheelchair in order to get closer to the desk or keyboard.