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Dallas Budget Reception Desk

Dallas modular reception desks that have a traditional look and appeal and will work well with almost all reception environments. Available in a high-quality beech finish, these reception units will fit in and look great with most types of receptions. Constructed from durable MFC and available in a few different components, these modules can be used to create a wide variety of exciting and interesting configurations to suit your reception environment.

It is important when thinking about refurbishing your reception area that you endeavour to try and create a relaxed ambiance for potential clients and new visitors to enjoy. The reason for this is that this area will act as an advertisement for your companies professionalism. What I mean by this is that if you have a reception area that is dated, furniture that is worn or even perhaps damaged, then you are unlikely to be seen as professional by your potential clients.

The first thing that you should be thinking with regards to refurbishing your reception area is the colour of the decor. This is the basis of the refurbishment and one of the key factors that will influence that entire reception environment's look. We recommend by starting to look at your companies colours as by using these in the decor will help to push your brand and help the room be identified with your company. Also try and stick to brighter colours in the reception area as darker colours tend to be more intense.

You will then need to think about the reception furniture that you wish to include. Nearly every reception in the world has a seating area whether you are in an office or not. The reason is that people will need to wait in your reception at some point or another and it could perhaps be considered rude if they had to stand and wait. There are different opinions on this, but by providing a comfortable seating area, you know that this issue will be avoided.

The reception desk itself is another large investment you must make, but generally speaking, this tends to be the centrepiece of the room so is worth the investment. The Dallas budget desks are perfect as they can create a professional and appealing reception environment  at an extremely affordable price.

We have an expert in house design team that are able to provide you with accurate 3D high quality rendered images of what your reception area will look like so you can buy in confidence. We provide this service completely FREE of charge and is available to you by calling our expert sales team on 01823 663 880.

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