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Folding Furniture

At Online Reality, we take a great deal of pride in the choice and value shown across all of our furniture ranges, and this is evident from our selection of folding furniture and fold up tables. The quality and versatility of these folding chairs and tables makes them the ideal choice for a wide range of uses from schools and village halls to catering businesses and offices.

All of our tables are delivered free to mainland UK, and come with at least 12 months warranty as standard. Whatever your needs or budget, we have the products for you.

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Furnishing cafes & restaurants

Nowhere is the utility of folding furniture more obvious, or necessary, than in the catering industry. Fold up cafe tables give owners the option to adjust the layout of their business on the fly, to better serve the needs of customers and staff. We stock a variety of cafe furniture and cater for cafs of any design, shape or size.

Folding metal tables and chairs are an ideal choice for any cafe or restaurant with outdoor seating. Their durability protects them from the worst of the weather, and easy-to-store design ensures that, when conditions are cold or wet enough to drive customers inside, the caf or restaurants outdoor furniture can be quickly folded and stored.

Flexible furniture for schools and village halls

With classrooms required to cater to a wider range of activities and lesson types every term, folding school furniture provide the functionality that modern schools demand. Folding plastic chairs provide versatile and durable seating, while deluxe flip top tables can transform any space into an attractive dining area for students. This is doubly useful for schools now that all English children in the first years of school are entitled to free school meals; our range of folding furniture allows schools to quickly compensate for the increased demand.

For village halls with limited floor space, folding furniture allows for the hosting of a wide variety of functions, regardless of the space required, or the number of guests attending. The additional mobility of folding furniture leaves village halls with numerous options; chairs and tables can be setup outside, inside, and in any configuration with absolute ease.

The practical choice for office spaces

Traditionally, folding furniture has provided enhanced mobility and customisation at the price of quality and style; making them unsuited for widespread professional use, especially in office environments. No company wants to project a low quality or substandard image, especially if clients frequently visit, but the convenience of folding office seating and tables is still difficult to pass up.

Thats why our wide range of deluxe fold up tables is so exciting. Businesses are now able to furnish their office spaces in a way that ensures easy customisation and promotes a sense of stylish quality. The Kite 750 range, in particular, offers a modern, stylish design; while also being exceptionally easy to fold away and store. This level of quality and functionality is essential in office furniture for fast-paced modern work places.

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