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Cafe Tables

The first impression a customer gets when entering your cafe or restaurant is of the furniture, the choice of furniture says alot about the type of environment you are looking to create which then in turn influences the customers perception of the sort or quality of food that you serve, so getting the furniture right could be the difference between success and failure, luckily you are in the right place.

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So where to start when thinking about cafe furniture? We would suggest you start with the tables, after all that is where people are going to be eating your food, so what do you need to consider when choosing a cafe table? the first thing to consider will be how many people you are looking to seat, with such a wide range of sizes it is important to know how many people you need to get in so you don’t end up finding the perfect cafe table that is too big for your space, the next consideration is the colour or finish of the table, the most popular finishes for cafe tables are chrome, black and brushed aluminium.

Once you have decided on your base you next need to decide on the top material and finish, the majority of our cafe table are priced for the base and top separately, this is designed to give you the maximum flexibility to create your own design.

Once you have chosen your table design the next step is to plan your cafe tables, the main areas to consider are space for customers to sit in comfort, and access space so that your customers are not having to weave through diners to get to the til, to help you plan your cafe tables we offer a free bespoke design service, our in house team will take your brief and design ideas and produce a full 3D visual and detailed plan showing how your cafe could look once completed, this enables you to experiment with designs and layouts so you can be sure to achieve the best solution for your cafe or restaurant.

Another key area to consider if you are lucky enough to have it is your outdoor space, research suggests that on a warm day cafes with outdoor tables and chairs will achieve in excess of 50% more sales than that of cafes without outdoor furniture, with this in mind it is clearly worth evaluating whether you can optimise any outdoor space to be used for tables and chairs if you can you need to then consider what kind of outdoor cafe tables would work for you and your space, for instance there is little point in having heavy lounge style seating if you need to bring the furniture in every night, so take some time to browse our selection of outdoor cafe tables where we are sure you will find something to meet your needs. for more information contact our sales team.