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Bar stools are also a great way of making use of additional space, for example you might have a tricky corner that could be turned into an additional seating area by using bar stools and a wall fixed table. There are so many ways in which bar stools can be used to enhance the environment there is very few environments that wouldn't benefit from having a few bar stools.

A common misconception is that bar stools are only suitable for use in cafe's and bars, this is not true, many people are now using bar stools to enhance the office environment, ideal for use in breakout areas or informal meeting rooms, to cater for this area of the market we have a comprehensive range of bar stools in all manner of styles and designs, upholstered stools can be used to match other furniture items or used in contrasting colours as a highlighting feature, there is also a range of frame finishes available.

We have wooden bar stools for traditional dining environments such as pubs and bars, the Devonian is a great example of a design that dates back to teh turn of the century and is still seen in bars across the country. We have a good range of leather bar stools which offer a greater degree of comfort Dijon Express is a good example that is available in Black or Brown leather. THe retro stryle of teh height adjustable Toledo high stools are a great choice for those seeking a chic urban setting of yesteryear.

To give you ideas as to how you could use bar stools to improve your working environment we provide a free design and space planning service, managed in house by our team of designers and project managers who will take your brief and produce a set of visuals showing how your project could look. For more information contact our team or view our bar stools online.

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