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Budget Reception Desks

In almost all offices the first port of call for visitors is the reception area, this is often an area of the office that is overlooked, sometimes simply because of cost, there is a perception among the general population that reception furniture and in particular reception desks are expensive, That is simply not true. This is our range of cheap reception desks for any environment.  


Yes, it is possible to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a bespoke all singing all dancing reception desk, and the likes of Google and Apple do spend that much, but the reality is for the vast majority of companies a cheaper modular desk combined with a carefully considered paint scheme and furniture is sufficient. 

So the next question is where do you start when planning your reception area? we can help, our free design and space planning service is managed in-house so you get a direct link through to the designers, our team will start by taking your brief and listening, this is something often overlooked by other design companies who simply want to push their ideas on to you, our team want to work with you to develop your ideas and create a stunning design. 

Our budget reception desks are sourced from across the globe to bring you the best in value, design and quality, with a wide variety available we are sure you will find something to meet your needs, but should you need any extra help don't hesitate to contact our team who will be more than happy to talk through the options with you.