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Boardroom Tables

A boardroom is at the heart of almost every office. It is a place that is used by almost every part of the business, It is where meetings are held, clients are entertained and business critical decisions are made, so the environment you create could define how your business is perceived by potential customers, how well your ideas are received and even help you attract the best staff.

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As a central hub of your business the meeting room needs to portray how you want your business to be seen by others, this will change depending on your business area, for instance if you are in the security industry you may wish to create a controlling solid feeling meeting space, where as a design agency might want a much more contemporary, inspirational space. We provide a bespoke design service for companies of all size, we are able to help plan your new conference furniture and to provide help and advice to bring your vision to life.

At the heart of any great scheme is the conference table, after all this is likely to take up a large part of the room so you need to make sure you get it right.  We provide a comprehensive choice of boardroom tables in the UK, in all shapes, sizes and almost any colour! All of our furniture ranges have been selected for their quality, design and value for money.

Our most popular boardroom tables are from the Central range, they are produced in Spain in an ultra-modern production facility and encapsulate our values of choice, quality and value, available in range of sizes, finishes and with matching storage and executive furniture it is easy to see why the Central range is so popular.  Sticking with the Spanish manufactures another popular range is the Cool range, simple modern designs are combined with impeccable build quality and a range of sizes. One of the highlights of the Cool range is the standing height meeting room furniture; these can be used whilst stood up or with high stools, research suggests that meetings held whilst standing produce better results, are quicker and more productive., cable management options can also be fitted to the table to further improve productivity and ensure your cables are kept tidy in line with simple style of the table.

At the other end of our range we have our fully bespoke conference furniture, by commissioning a bespoke table you can let your imagination run away with you or emulate a look that you have seen elsewhere to create something unique to you and your company, our bespoke tables can be made of almost any material from real wood veneers to Lego, making this the ideal choice if you are looking for something truly unique, bearing in mind that this could be one of the first things that visitors to your business will see so if your business is all about creating an impact with design this could be for you.

Another popular material for the meeting room is Glass; we have a comprehensive selection of glass furniture, mainly from European manufactures there is a range of glass finishes available including clear, frosted and for those looking to make a big impact we have a range of coloured glass tables.

Having decided on the style of table you want, next you need to ascertain how much space you have available to house your meeting table, we would advise that for each person you allow between 600 and 700mm space around the table, this depends of course on what your table is going to be used for and how big your chairs are. To help you plan for your new meeting room we offer a free design and space planning service, our in house team will take your brief and produce a detailed CAD plan and 3d visuals to enable you to see exactly how your new office will look once completed, through the design process we can do more than just simple plan a new table in, we can create a design for a complete suite of conference furniture. So if you are conscious of the impression you give to your customers and your staff, contact us today to see how we could work with you to create a new impression in the shape of an impressive meeting area.  Contact us today for more information or browse our range online.