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Office Screens & Dividers

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It is quite common for people, when designing the layout of an office to forget about screens. It may not seem important, however you might be surprised to find that they are. In the workplace today, more and more people are choosing to opt for open plan offices because they make communication amongst one another easier, which can help improve productivity. Even though we are moving away from cubicle style, there is still a need for this. Office dividers are an ideal way to separate and landcsace the office and have the added benefit of being easy to relocate as the requirements of thr space change.

Office screens for any working environment

Free standing dividers help to break up an office and help to seperate teams. The advantage of this over having fixed partitioning is that they can be moved easily without incurring dilapidation costs making the cost of reconfiguring the establishment relatively inexpensive.

Desk screen and tall free standing office screens

Another reason for office screens is also privacy. Even a desktop divider placed between two employees can help dramatically as they will feel that they are not always “on show” and ultimately give a more relaxed environment. Much like free standing partitions desktop dividers are usually clamped to the desk so moving them is not a problem.

Choose from fabric screens, wooden screens and acoustic screens for any office

Noise is one of the biggest causes of stress and lack of concentration in the office. In this section, we have a range of acoustic screens on offer that will help to reduce noise levels in the work area. There are screen pods for meetings that require a quiet environment to freestanding acoustics that help to break up the room as well as reduce unwanted sound.

A well placed partition with the right style, whether it be an acrylic, fabric, metal or acoustic partition, can actually improve the overall aesthetics, so it is worth keeping that in mind when planning your office refurbishment.