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Desk Monitor Arms

Computer monitor arms have increased in popularity over the last few years for a number of reasons. Ergonomics has become one of the most talked about topics in the office furniture industry, not only this there are a few other reasons for this increase in popularity.

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The first is the increase use of hot desks. This is where desk is set up not just for one individual, but are designed to be temporary use for anyone in the office that needs to use one. This is because more and more people are working from home and only come into the office once or twice a week or that people work in teams and those teams change around a lot etc… In any case these desks need to be made ergonomic for everyone.

Another reason is the switch from everyone using CRT monitors to flatscreens. Flat screen monitors are now thinner, lighter and are able to be used by computer arms as they take up less space on the desk.

Everyone is a different size, sits differently and stands differently etc… With this in mind in order to create an ergonomic desk that can be used by everyone, the monitor needs to be able to be fully adjustable to meet the needs of its user, it is for these reasons that monitor arms are a must in any office.

We have a range of computer monitor arms available in this section, that are high quality and built to last. For more information on any of the products in this section, please contact our sales team.

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