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Laptop Stands

Like monitor arms, laptop stands have become increasingly more popular in recent years. The main reason for this is that more and more people are using laptops in which to work on. The benefit of this is that you can work on long journeys, in cafes or coffee shops, at home or in the office. Like all sedentary working conditions, ergonomics is becoming of upmost importance to companies with 9 million days being lost in the UK alone in 2009 with this number increasing every year.

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Laptops, despite being hugely functional and useful are not in themselves ergonomic. The monitor is far to low causing the user to look down and arch their back. The solution is to use a laptop stand that raises the screen to eye level enabling you to work with a better ergonomic posture.

We have a range of laptop stands in this section that are being updated all the time so it is worth looking back through this section for the latest in ergonomic products.