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Ergonomics are a big part of the office industry at the moment as more and more businesses are focusing more on the subject. The reason for this is that there has been an increase in the amount of work related injuries due to poor office furniture. This number is increasing year on year as more people are opting to work in offices or sedentary work. Not only this but internationally and nationally we are working more hours than ever before so the amount of time that we spend at our office desks and sitting on our offices chairs is increasing also.

It is not only office chairs and desks that are the problem, although they do make up a large part of it, it is also the other equipment that we use that is causing us problems. From monitors being to low to our keyboards being at the wrong angle, all of these things effect on our body as they can alter our posture.

The human body is not designed to stay still. We are supposed to move virtually constantly in order to keep our muscles active and keep the circulation of blood pumping around the body. This does not mean huge movements but can just be micro movements which all have a positive affect on the body. With this in mind having an ergonomic posture can help hugely in giving your body the best chance of staying healthy.

This section of the website is here to provide you with ergonomic accessories that will help maintain a positive posture whilst working for long hours at your desk and on your chair. We will be constantly updating this section with the latest ergonomic products, so it is worth checking every so often, as what price would you put on your body's health!