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This section features everything you need to complete your office including bins, monitor arms, coat stands and plants. It is important that you think about these extras in your office for a number of reasons.

Office plants can be quite an important addition to an office for two main reasons. The first is that it can go a long way to brightening up your office. Plants are nice to look at and are natural, giving a contrast in the feel of any office and can have a positive effect on your employees.

The second is that plants help to purify the air. The air in an office environment can get quite stuffy, and as we know plants produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. They also help to purify the air and getting rid of nasty toxins.

There is also an ergonomic section within the accessories collection. Ergonomics has become a popular topic in recent years, primarily due to the rise in work related injuries. We all know about ergonomic chairs and desks, but there is also an importance for monitor arms and laptops stands if you use a laptop. These are important as the enable the user to keep the screen in an ergonomic position and can be adjustable to suit all users of different shapes and sizes.

There is also a wide selection of screens, free-standing and desktop screens available in this section. Screens are an important addition to any office as the not only give privacy to employees, but they can help break up an office and in some cases, certain screens can actually reduce noise and in turn indirectly reduce stress levels.

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