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Working at home... step by step guide

1st August 2012

The first step is finding your luxury temporary office, but it all depends on your requirements. If its pop culture you tend to be into then the local Starbucks is a must- but really this is only suitable for some. Maybe if you require a hefty tablet and need complete silence you need to look elsewhere.Thats not saying that coffee shops are unsuitable in fact they are great for a social arena of ideas but if your local coffee shop isn't all you wished for then maybe you will find comfort somewhere else that doesn't have the constant mumble and mutter of voices,

Instead a public library maybe more suitable, providing that you don't need to constantly communicate with people.Not only will there be Internet access there may be accessibility to printers and books full of every idea that you could possible consider.The problem is that the coffee wont be up to your typical coffee shop but you know, you cant have it all.

Or maybe? if you have the determination and dedication you could go to the local pub or bar. A mix between the social side of the coffee shop with local hub bub but also with a combination of quiet daytime silence of the library.Plus not only will the furniture be more comfortable the price of a cappuccino will be a lot more reasonable too.

Now that you have found somewhere comfortable and suitable for working you now need  to actually get something done. Even in a library you will find anything can distract you especially the whole fiction section for example. How will you complete your job?

Its important to bear in mind that in a public place you will not get everything you need compared to what  you would at home, for example you may not be able to get a seat with a table. It is important to introduce regularity appointing certain times in the day to do certain things otherwise you will lead your self to distraction and not be able to be complete what you first set out to do.

There is no point in taking your work to somewhere that is miles away when you are doing work from home purposely to avoid this sitution. Its in this situation that time out wifi maps come in handy telling you where your local coffee shop or pub would be available.Once you've decided you may want to just check something out, such as where the plug sockets are and how long the staff will let you hang around before pressuring you to buy another coffee.

Safety is always key to make sure you never leave your gear unattended and make sure you don't leave an open gap for opportunistic theft or attack.

You might want to consider your appearance when you go to office. You will dress appropriately maybe smart and sophisticated  when going to work, therefore coming into this laid back environment may lead you to take a laid back approach to work  which intern gives you the opportunity to slack on the work , maybe its better to keep your smart style to recreate that working atmosphere.
Remember that you are in a public place to prevent you from feeling as lonely and bored as you may get at home so make sure you take regular breaks to keep your brain active and concentrated and take advantage of the situation you are in. Talk to people around you when you feel you need time to recharge.
Make sure you keep in contact with your colleagues as you will reap dividends  giving your employers an idea of your dedication and how you are getting on with the work and not taking advantage of the situation you have faithfully been positioned in. Meeting up with people is an obvious form but if that is a problem then maybe try skyping or video conferencing to really show your commitment.
What ever software you use to communicate it is obviously advised to stay away from the faithful distraction of the good old social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are just begging you to go on them and really take you of the course so my advise stay far, far away from them.


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