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Why Use Storage Wall?

General Comments, New Products September 27th 2012

It may seem like we are heading the way to a paperless office, but by all accounts we are nowhere near reaching it yet. There is still a need for filing cabinets, tambour cupboards and credenza units in the office. We have been using filing cabinets as a way of storing important files and documents for decades, but it has only been a couple of decades ago that tambour cupboards have been created to store more files and documents.

Tambour cupboards became the favoured way of storing files and folders in the office is because they could simply hold more files per floor space. In fact an 1800mm high tambour cupboard can fit 3 x 4 drawer filing cabinets worth of storage. It is therefore easy to see why tambour cupboards became favoured over the humble 4 drawer filing cabinet.

In an age where space seems to be sort after and in a lot of demand, it is easy to see why we are looking for alternatives to tambour cupboards, and there is one, wall storage.

Wall storage (or storage wall) is becoming more and more popular in offices as the floor space that it saves compared to the amount of files and documents it can hold is undeniably the preferred option.

The reason that wall storage saves space is that it is firstly placed up against the wall and it starts at the floor and reaches the ceiling. Furthermore, graphics can be easily added to the storage wall to create interesting variations, colour and design to your office.

Wall storage can come in different styles of doors, from veneer, melamine to glass. You can create interesting designs with wall storage while keeping the floor space in the middle of your office clear for workstations. Below are some typical examples of storage wall:

Why Use Storage Wall? image 1Why Use Storage Wall? image 2Why Use Storage Wall? image 3

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