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Why Not Share Your Office Space?

General Comments October 26th 2012

In these blogs, we have talked about, on numerous occasions the idea of telecommuting, working from home and open plan offices. Therefore we have established that the way in which we work is changing and has changed from the boring cubicle offices within a company.

With the technological advancements that we have available to us now, we are now in a position to be able to from almost anywhere that has an internet connection. This means that there is no need to have to commute to a single office every day.

Not only this but with the current economic climate in the state that it is, it has never been harder for entrepreneurs and start-up companies to be successful and flourish. Seeing this trend, there have been a sudden increase in businesses being created and offering temporary, flexible office space.

CoLab in Nashville US, is a typical example of one of these companies. The company started 3 years ago as they began to see the trend forming in the way that companies were working. The first 3 months were tough going as no one signed up to use the service, however ten months into the company’s history, it tells a different story.

Back to the present day and CoLab has expanded to its offices which are all being regularly used. It is not only office space and office furniture, office desks and office chairs for example, that the users of the shared office find appealing. The fact there are more than one business on a single floor, means that customers of CoLab are able to meet new people and network, which is an added bonus for the company.

Sharing offices has become more and more popular for companies that perhaps are run by a single person or by a company that needs employees in different places to work by themselves, but in an area that they can not only concentrate, but can also interact with others.

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