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Why Have a Coffee Table

General Comments December 1st 2011

Coffee tables are generally used in most areas in commercial and domestic environments. Whether you are in your living room, a waiting room or reception area, in a café or a pub you are almost certain to find a coffee table somewhere within your line of sight. Coffee tables are always used for convenience above all and are not a necessity; however we still choose to use them. Unlike office desks, whether they be in a home office or in a commercial environment, a coffee table is used to place objects on unlike a desk that is used intensely for working or studying. The question is, why do people choose to spend a small fortune on them? The answer is that they can have a huge effect on the overall look of the room whether it is in a living room or a reception area.

Unlike office desks and home office desks and furniture, coffee tables come in all different ranges of shapes and sizes. As you don’t sit at them they sometimes substitute function for style and certain designs can help create talking points, attract attention, provoke thought as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The difference is that a café table or dining table is used for dining where as a coffee table is used to hold objects, which is why the coffee table lends itself to a more interesting shape. Below are some examples of different styles of coffee tables.

The Creative coffee table designed by Svilen Gamolov features curved edges and its enspiring look is guaranteed to get everyone talking. This coffee table is the part of Crazy Systems series of furniture and will look fantastic in any home or commercial area.

Why Have a Coffee Table image 1

This second table has been inspired by the atrocities that occurred in 2004. Inspired by the events in the Abu Gharib prison and designed by Mr Toledano, this coffee table has been made to shock and provoke your thoughts on the subject of the abuse that occurred in the prison.

Why Have a Coffee Table image 2

A Isamu Noguchi designed coffee table that is simple in structure yet has a beautiful overall look. Topped in glass, this design has been replicated many times and is available in different wood finishes and looks great in all commercial and domestic areas.

Why Have a Coffee Table image 3

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