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Why Folding Furniture doesn’t have to be boring

Industry News October 10th 2014

Folding furniture has historically been an ugly space saving solution with no real quality whatsoever. Yet, through technological and design advances within recent years, folding furniture has moved on with the times. Ugly space saving solution with no quality has now been replaced with versatile, yet stylish and contemporary folding furniture.

Let’s take a look at the flux folding chair. The highly desirable flux range offers a unique modern-day design, without losing sight of the one fundamental element… practicality! In a matter of seconds, and two simple movements, you can transform a flat chair into a piece of magnificent designer furniture. Similarly, in a matter of minutes, a hectic room full of people and many chairs will return to an empty space. It really is that simple. Available in an array of bright and vibrant colours, the flux chairs are perfect for any space or backdrop.

If you were to stack 77 of the folded flux chairs together, your ‘Jenga’ looking tower of chairs will only stand at a mere 1 metre high. Better still, you can fit 121 Flux Chairs into the back of a ‘Mini’ (we’ve got the video to prove it). How is that even possible? Words really don’t comprehend how impressive these folding chairs really are.

The Dutch manufacturers have completely transformed the way we perceive folding chairs. They have developed a truly remarkable piece of furniture.

Why Folding Furniture doesn’t have to be boring image 1

Folding tables are now following suit. Not only thinking about adaptability, but also design. Our ‘Kite Range’ is the perfect example. Each table comes complete with dual locking castors, allowing you to freely move the tables from A to B with minimal hassle. NO more tools and, more importantly, NO more heavy lifting.

Taking advantage of space has never been so easy. The Kite Folding Table range provides you with endless opportunities. Meetings or big events used to be nightmare, with attendees having to fit around the furniture. With folding furniture this is no longer the case. You shape your furniture around the people who are attending. Whether you are expanding as a business or simply have limited space, you will understand that bulky meeting tables and furniture can take up valuable office space. This range really is one of the most complete folding tables on the market.

Available in 6 high quality finish options this table really does provide endless flexibility. If you are starting to think to yourself “it doesn’t get much better than this" think again! All Kite Folding Tables come with a 10 year guarantee.

You may think I’m a tad bias towards folding furniture, however, the above furniture ranges really do have everything. If space and storage is an issue, you will not go far wrong with the products described above.

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REMEMBER: Flexibility + Design x Space Saved – Stress = Folding Furniture

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