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Why Bother With an Expensive Reception Desk?

General Comments January 5th 2012

In this current climate, every business appears to be struggling and every client, no matter how small counts. We know that the cost of office furniture, even though you can by furniture cheaper than ever before, tends to be a rather large investment. It is there for understandable to think that you should choose as cheap office furniture as possible to save money and people often, spend little time thinking about their reception area.

Your reception area is the first point of call for anyone that is coming into your office. It is for this reason that you want your reception area to look as professional as possible and that this reflects the professionalism of your company. Not only this, but this area is the first point of call for potential clients and first impressions are crucial as you can never get a second chance. It is important therefore that you spend time in making sure that you get the ambiance of this room right.

The first thing that a client or potential client is going to see is the reception desk. This is a great chance for you to show the customer what your about before they even enter the office. Not only this but investing in a high quality reception desk will last a lot longer than a budget reception desk and will not lose its aesthetic appeal. With a high quality reception counter, there is more scope for customization, why not incorporate the company logo onto it to make the desk unique?

The waiting area, is also another important area to consider when refurbishing your office. You need to make the area comfortable, not like your living room however, you still want the place to look professional. Investing in a good quality leather sofa and some leather tub chairs is a good start. A nice glass coffee table can also heighten aesthetics, without breaking the budget.

If you are refurbishing your office and need advice or design services, Office Reality offer these expertise for free and will make sure that your office looks professional and gives a true reflection of your company.

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