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Who Wants to Share an Office?

General Comments April 18th 2012

Previously I have mentioned about the increase in home office furniture being bought prior to the Olympic Games in July. However it seems that it is the offices workers that are still working in the office that may experience some changes. More and more companies internationally as well as nationally, are opting to introduce shared desking into the workplace to reduce costs. Also as more and more employees are working on the road or at home, it seems that they can make do with a shared desk when in the office.

Hot desking, as we call it in England is really beginning to become increasingly popular with even the large corporate companies. In a world where we seem to be having a negative effect on the planet, we are being forced to think more about the state of our environment. All companies large or small are being urged to really consider how large their carbon footprint actually is and also think of ways of reducing it.

One of the ways of doing this is to ask employees to work from home to reduce their travelling costs and distance. So with fewer employees in the office working full time, the need for personal office desks and workstations has begun to diminish. Hot desking systems are like regular desks only that they have been set up to be used by anyone in the office. Usually these types of desks are configured into groups or clusters; however bench systems are becoming the more popular choice.

Bench systems offer workstations that are joined together integrally usually by a single beam and are usually separated by desktop screens. These desks are great for use in open offices as well as they can be moved around easily.

It is preferred when creating a hot desk to make sure that the desks are height adjustable. The reason for using more ergonomic desks is that there will be different people using them who more than likely are of different sizes. Also making sure that an ergonomic chair is available that is multi adjustable is also preferred. The office chair can be one of the most important pieces of office furniture when it comes to hot desking as all sorts of different people will be using the office chair and it has to be comfortable for everyone.

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