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Who Are FIRA?

2nd September 2011

The Furniture Industry Research Association were founded over 60 years ago by the furniture industry and designed to benefit the furniture industry.  The company is designed to provide a range of services that are dedicated to the global furniture supply chain and also to the furniture consumers. They do this by safeguarding the office industry by managing its members.

Their main service is providing testing for new products in their world renowned testing laboratories. They analyse products to find the best ergonomic solution to meet the requirements of the end user as well as pioneering the best test methods which have been adopted by the leading manufactures today. The tests include flammability, structural, surface finish, upholstery and ergonomics, so you can be assured that the office chair or office desk you buy is safe and ready to use.

Another area that FIRA work in is consultancy and research. An example of this is helping companies achieve environmental standards and help them to become members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP). Within the office furniture world, consumers are looking to the suppliers to provide sustainable furniture that has the lowest impact on the environment as possible. The FISP certificate of approval is a great way to distinguish whether a supplier is meeting these standards.

AS well as the environmental aspect of office furniture manufacturing, There are other departments which they also have expertise in. They provide legal aid to manufacturers, suppliers and consumers and can provide expert witnesses in a range of fields to help tackle legal implications. They also are able to help individual companies and manufacturers benefit from the generation of sustainable process improvements that will help with the companies competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction

In order to benefit from all of the above mentioned, you must be a member. Membership is open to all companies in all the sectors of both the UK and International chains of office furniture.



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