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Getting Rid of Unwanted Office Furniture?

General Comments August 23rd 2011

So you’ve just upgraded your office with some fantastically ergonomically designed furniture or perhaps you’ve got some new cluster style call centre furniture, in any case the question remains what do you do with your old furniture? Usually it goes for scrap metal, or straight to landfill, and with the ever increasing Health and Safety list required for charities, it’s not a case of just being able to hand your unwanted furniture to them.

In this day and age, we are becoming more environmentally aware so just sending all your old office furniture to landfill is frowned upon and also quite costly as the charges for dumping industrial waste such as this are ever increasing. Burning should not be considered as an option especially office chairs as they may contain harmful chemicals that when released into the air could cause harm to other people.

It is an option, to attempt to resell your office desks or chairs, but with new furniture, it can be installed so quickly that selling each part of the furniture can be too time consuming. The best solution therefore is to ask the manufacturer of the new furniture to take it away.

It will most likely be the cheapest and most economical way to dispose of the furniture, as the manufacturer will have the contacts and resources to dispose of the furniture in an “eco-friendly” way.

However that it is worth noting that the old furniture is your own and measures must be taken to ensure that your furniture is not just being dumped.

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