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What Does Your Boardroom Table Say About You?

New Products February 23rd 2012

One of the most striking, and probably most expensive items in any boardroom is the boardroom table. There are so many different types of boardroom furniture available you can be forgiven by being a bit over whelmed with the choice. Within boardroom tables you can have cantilever leg boardroom tables, panel end boardroom tables in veneer or laminate etc… Some companies even opt to buy bespoke boardroom tables that feature their company logo on to really “wow” their potential clients. Choosing the right on for your company is important as in this will be the focal point of your room and help to give the right impression for your company.

One boardroom table that did catch my eye was one that was made mostly from Lego. Using the quote Lego Mojo ‘making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.’ Originally said by Charles Mingus, abgc created this unique and exciting boardroom table.

The recently formed advertising agency that required this boardroom table, had acquired a Georgian house with high ceilings and its original joinery still intact. They wanted to bring the area into the modern age and told abgc that they wanted a table that was playful but not juvenile and quoted Charles Mingus.

The architecture company gave the proposal of a 1200mm x 2700mm boardroom table which was made from Lego. The Lego would be made from random colours and would feature the company’s logo. The table would be topped in 10mm thick tempered glass and consisted of 22,742 pieces of traditional Lego and without the use of glue. A large 136mm cable port was positioned in the centre and the table top sits on a polished stainless steel square h

ollow frame. A very unique table indeed!

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