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Using Zen to Create a Peaceful Office Environment

General Comments September 13th 2011

Zen, when used in this context just means to create harmony in your office work space. Offices are generally stressful places. When people are stressed they tend to lose concentration of what they are doing and lose focus in the task at hand. Creating a peaceful workplace is the key to increasing productivity and your general happiness at work.

The first step towards creating a peaceful environment is to try and simplify everything. When things are simple, you can get a better understanding of everything as a whole. When things get to complicated, stress levels begin to rise. Our minds cannot focus on the task as we are constantly thinking and trying to comprehend everything. The way to get around this is to try and think of complex things as simple. When sitting at your office desk, try and break down the complexities into simple components and focus on one thing at a time.

The mind in itself is very complex and you will find it a struggle just to focus on one thing at a time. When you feel your mind beginning to wonder, sit back on your operator chair or executive chair and take a deep breath and try regaining focus on the one task at hand. Some people find going for a brief walk helps them to focus. In an office you can always make an excuse to visit the filing cabinet or office storage area.

When getting into the routine of focusing on one thing at a time you will find that your life is a lot more relaxed and peaceful. You will also find that by doing one thing at a time you will get thorough tasks much quicker as you are not trying to tackle everything as a whole and getting stuck because your mind deems it to complicated. We are all different but using this simple technique can work on everyone.

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