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Upcycling the New Way Forward

20th June 2012

We all know that due to how we are treating our planet, recycling is a hugely important process in helping to make sure that the rubbish doesn’t pile up and our planet turns into a scene from an apocalyptic film.

The problem with this is that the cost of recycling is not cheap and certain items are just too precious to be disassembled and recycled and it is for this reason that upcycling has become the new craze. It was even featured in this year’s Apprentice on the BBC.

Furniture is an excellent product to upcycle and more and more companies are beginning to realise that this might just be the new way forward in kitting out new offices. Re using old pieces of furniture is a great way to start and can be so much more than just sanding and repainting to restore the piece.

Below are a few examples of up cycled office furniture that have been created from reusing upcycled processes.

These Kozo lamps pictured are a typical example of up cycling. Making use of galvanised steel pipes, each one is unique and is handcrafted giving it a high value quality. These lamps have been made by re using taps that that were going to be discarded.


There is also a big market for re using glass, of all kinds including counter tops and floors.  The finished product looks almost like granite at a fraction of the cost. The great thing about this is that it can be sold in plank forms making it easier to install and can be used to create a unique and interesting office desk.


Heavy timber is becoming increasingly rare these days and so in order to obtain this wood, we need to re-use old pieces of solid wood furniture. Each piece of furniture is unique and they all display the history of the wood giving the piece of furniture more character.

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