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Today’s Office Environments are Changing

15th December 2011

There is no denying it, modern day office environments are changing. From the office furniture to the technology, it is evolving. With this evolution, there are more issues that are coming to light. For example, as the technology is on the rise and getting evermore complex, the wiring and cable management in the office needs to more carefully thought out. Coupled with this is the amount of heat being released from this equipment and this needs to be controlled. There are new laws regarding health and safety which need to be carefully thought out as well.  Older buildings (and older office furniture) are increasingly difficult to use effectively due to ergonomics and costs of adaptation or reconfiguration are being driven higher and higher. Organisations are trying to escape from long leases on older buildings as the rate of companies’ evolution is increasing as they are now looking either move into newly built offices or enter into agreements to strip and refurbish.

The office furniture has to adapt to these changes also. Technology has a huge impact on the office furniture, as a building is very unlikely to have a wiring system that means that power can be accessed anywhere. The effect is that office desks need to be able to fit into spaces where power and data points are. Not only this but the size office chairs need to be considered as perhaps a large leather executive chair may not be able to fit into the space it is intended as now there are very strict rules on how much space you need to give in between desks. This is because open plan offices are more popular than they have ever been and with large numbers of people in one space fire routes have to be closely assessed.

It is for these reasons that when purchasing office furniture, you need to consider more than just whether to get designer office furniture or economy office furniture.

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