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Thermet Radiator Chair

New Products April 5th 2012

It can get pretty cold in this country especially during the winter months, however gone are the days that we sit in front of the fire to warm ourselves. Nowadays we rely on radiators to heat us and our home, rather than fire places as most houses don’t tend to have one. Wouldn’t it be great if they designed a radiator that you could sit on to not just warm your hands, but more your whole body?

Designer Stefano Marchetto has done exactly this. Inspired by the design and shape of the Thonet Vienna café chair no. 18, these clever radiator/chairs have a dual-utility factor. During the colder months the radiator can be used to heat the house, however one thing that sets this product apart from any other radiator is that it doubles up as a chair so in the other times of the year that a normal radiator would be sitting not doing anything, this functions as a chair.

Stefano Marchetto comments about his creation:

“Thermet is a radiator with a shape of a Thonet Vienna Cafè Chair #18: this is easy to do because that chair was made almost exclusively of cylindrical bent beech wood pieces. In the project, wood pieces are replaced with stainless steel bent tubes. In this way, it is no more an object that has a usefulness only 5-6 months on a year, but becomes useful every day of the year. The product indeed has 2 possibilities of use: as a radiator and as a real chair. When it is used as a radiator, it can be a place where to quickly get warm: just seat over it and wait for a few minutes…”

Unfortunately these cafe chairs are not on sale at the moment, but perhaps in the future they will be. Although would you put this chair under the café furniture or central heating?

Thermet Radiator Chair image 1

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