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The World’s Most Expensive Office Chair

15th February 2012

Ergonomics, (I have already mentioned) is of the utmost importance in today’s office working industry. The reason being that although companies are worried about our health (I will let you make your own mind up on that one!) but they are also gaining absences from staff due to work related injuries. This may make you angry that this maybe the main reason for the large corporations to be so interested in the humble employee, but it is the employees body that is at risk and ultimately their responsibility.

Ergonomic chairs have been on the market for years now but a chair that caught my eye recently is an ergonomic chair that has used the latest in ergonomic technology to produce a rather expensive but comfortable office chair. Designed  by Pininfarina, that if you are into cars, you may know that they designed cars from manufacturers such as Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari. The chair in question is the Aresline Xten which as you can see by the picture has sleek curves that you would expect from a chair designed by such an elite company.

Features of this chair include dynamic fabric used by Olympic athletes for durability and the fact its breathable, called Technogel. The most advanced synchronising tilting function with the back and seat adjusting independently from one another and at complementing angles. The office chair also features a fully adjustable lumbar support and is adjustable to the height of the person as is the headrest. This ergonomic chair is manufactured near Venice in Italy and the fabric, Technogel, reduces seating pressure and fatigue by over 60%.

So if you are interested in this modern office chair, I am sure that 99% of you won’t be when I tell you that in order to purchase this chair you are going to have to spend £1.5 million. Is it worth it? I will let you make up your own minds.


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