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The Top 10 Endangered Office Gadgets

Industry News September 1st 2011

When thinking about useful office gadgets (by that I don’t mean silly things like a head massager or a mini football table) such as memory sticks etc… they have become part of our day to day lives, it’s hard to see them being replaced. This is not the case however as a company called Pixmania-Pro, the office equipment retailer owned by the Dixons group have compiled a list of the top ten endangered gadgets list.

In at the top are compact discs and memory sticks that are capable of storing vast amounts of data. Usually these can be seen scattered across every office desk, in pedestals or office storage up and down the country, however a decline in sales has caused the retailers to believe that these will be extinct in a just a couple of years. The main reason for this is that companies are using cloud computing to store all of their vital data.

Further down the list we see that items that are still in use today, however have declined in recent years. Rolodexes and diaries have stepped aside to make way for smart phones and calculators and the office desk phone itself are all suffering. The desk phone sales have fallen by 90% in the last 10 years which is an alarming figure.

Oliver Chameyrat, the managing director of Pixmania-Pro, the company that put together this list, said: “The office environment is one of continual change, whether it’s the staff themselves, the products they are using or the way they are using them. Just as we see trends, fashions and gadgets emerging in the home so too we see a similar pattern in offices. The good news is that for every product that slips off the list there is always a better, more efficient, cheaper or environmentally friendly replacement.”

Top ten most endangered office gadgets

1. Compact Discs

2. Memory sticks

3. Rolodex

4. Personal diaries

5. Calculator

6. Desk phone

7. The Waste Paper Bin

8. Shredders

9. Mobile water coolers

10. Desktop hard drives

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