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The “Third Space” Work Place

General Comments, Industry News October 5th 2012

It has only been in recent years that we have categorised the way that we work into different “spaces”. There are many different opinions on this and arguments for and against what the spaces actually are. To put an opinion forward, the first space is the office and office desk in which you work. This has gone from a cubicle style office desk to today, where there are more open plan offices.

There is much debate on where the second space is or even what it is. Some believe that the second space has always been the meeting area or room where business meetings are held as this is classed as work. Others believe that with the increase in technology, the second space has actually become the home. With computers being so advanced, we can access our work’s desktop on our home computer very easily. This means that you do not even need to leave the home in order to work and the hours are more flexible. This being the case, the advancement in technology has also opened up another means of working, mobile working, that has given way to what we call the third space.

This space is still cause of much debate as it seems that mobile working has made it hard to define what that space is. Some believe that this space is still inside the office but it refers to break out areas and other spaces in the office that may be were once not used as a place of work. Others say that the third space is actually outside the office completely and can be found in cafes, bars or other areas with a Wi-Fi connection. In any case it seems that we have lost the typical office furniture in this space, such as an office desk or office/executive chair and they have been replaced with café furniture, e.g. café tables and café chairs, sofas and tub chairs.

It seems that in this day and age that the place of work is no longer defined as an office building and it may be a long way off but perhaps in the future the office as we know it will cease to exist, but we can only speculate.

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