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The Tallest Filing Cabinet in the World

19th August 2011

Only the artist knows why he made this, but all we can really say is that perhaps it’s a statement documenting the movement from paper into the digital age or perhaps he just hates/loves filing cabinets! In any case Napa, California is home to the tallest filing cabinet in the world to date.

The 65 foot tall giant cabinet was the product of designer Samuel Yates. The seven storey high structure is not one single filing cabinet but a combination of for drawer cabinets welded together to form this spectacular object. Surprisingly however it’s not filled with paper as you might expect, but actually filled with parts from a 1974 MG minuet that was donated to the artist. To quote the artist’s site: “Untitled (Minuet in MG),contains a 1974 MG Midget sports car that was donated,
shredded, steamrolled, photographed, bagged, labelled, numbered, and filed by weight from heaviest to lightest in milligrams (mgs) — an MG in mgs.”

I think it’s up to you to make your own opinions about this piece, but you cannot deny its eye catching and just shows what we can achieve as a species, whether or not the finished product is useful or just beautiful.

tallest filing cabinet1tallest filing cabinet2

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