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The Swopper – A Solution to Back Problems?

1st November 2011

Conventionally when you sit on an office chair or stool, you have to adjust it to suit your position, however this chair with its three dimensional movement actually adjusts to you and keeps you constantly moving which actually strengthens your back.

In a previous blog I have written, I talked about the fitness ball chair being a great chair to strengthen your back and actually be beneficial in relieving back pain. Having tested both of these chairs, I can safely say that I prefer the Swopper.

There are a few reasons for this and the first being that you are always sitting properly. The Swopper encourages a constant change of posture and because the office chair follows your movements, you always keep a straight back, even when leaning at your desk. The fitness ball chair is similar, however I found the fitness ball chair to be a lot harder to balance compared to the Swopper.

The Swopper also eliminates one sided pressure on intervertebral disks as well as keeping your entire body in motion to prevent not only the back, but the leg, back and abdominal muscles as well.

The curvature of the seat prevents pressure points and congestion and therefore prevents vein problems. This stool also straightens the upper part of your body and frees the diaphragm which helps to stimulate circulation. This is not only healthy, but Aeris (the manufacturer of the stool) claim that you can have a lot of fun whilst doing this.

Not only does the stool help keep your muscles fit and helps your circulation, but the constant movement also strengthen your joints and ligaments encouraging the formation of synovia which prevents joint diseases.

It is not only adults that can benefit from these stools and chairs, Aeris have made a smaller and tamperproof version for kids called the Swopster. With the growing use of swivel chairs and other computer chairs in schools, this could be a solution to the ergonomic problems with children.


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