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The Shift from Office to Home Office

General Comments August 19th 2011

There is one downside to this however and that is the quality of work that is being produced by people working in their home office is lower than would be in an office. The reason for this seems obvious, if your boss isn’t around, you are more likely to skive or just rush through your work in order to finish it quickly.

With these changes however, there is more and more demand for home office furniture, which has caused a shift in manufacturers and retailers to start making and stocking computer desks and workstations for use in the domestic environment. This means that they are coming down in price and if you look in the right places, you can find some modern designer furniture that will complement your home office, whether you work at home or not. The truth is that even if you do work 9 – 5 in an office a lot of people bring work home to complete to save them working late in the office. Also with the increased concern over ergonomic furniture, surely this shift is a benefit for consumers.The Shift from Office to Home Office image 1The Shift from Office to Home Office image 2

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